Prepare Your Home’s Roof For South Carolina’s Summertime Storms

Summer is officially here and South Carolina residents need to be readily prepared for longer and hotter days, which include warmer air and high humidity levels. All of these precipitation and weather changes create summertime thunderstorms in South Carolina and your home’s roof if the first to recieve damage during these summer storms. Preparation is key this time of year in South Carolina to ensure your roof can properly and effectively protect your family and your home.

Having the roofing experts at White House Roofing and Construction in Summerville SC inspect your roof is highly recommended to ensure that your roof can properly withstand the heavy rain, hail, high winds, heat and humidity that summertime storms bring. The licensed and insured roofing professionals at White House Roofing and Construction can also find any missing shingles, rot, leaks, or issues with your roof early and repair or replace your roof before the summer storms damage your roof further and quickly cause costly damage to your roof, home, and first line of defense against ongoing summer thunder storms.

Get ahead of costly repairs and take precautions today with a few simple steps that will get you ahead of expensive situations.

Do A Quick Inspection Of Your Roof Yourself:

Although you should schedule professionally inspections with your local Summerville SC area roofing experts at White House Roofing, you can of course look at your roof yourself in between seasons. While it’s fine to look at the roof, you do not want to climb onto the roof without proper safety equipment and knowledge as you can severely injure yourself. With that said, a few things to look for while walking around your home to look at your roof:

Leaks inside the home
Gutters, drains or downspouts that are blocked
Cracked caulk
Skylights or vents with rust or damage.
Missing or broken shingles
Ensure Your Gutters Are Kept Clean

Keeping your gutters clean and cleared from leaves and debris will ensure that your gutters are continuously working to keep water flowing off your roof. When your gutters get clogged the water pools up and adds weight to the roof, creating the opportunity for the water and the moisture to cause damage to the foundation and the house. This damage can be the deteriorating roof beneath the shingles/Exterior, cracks in foundation causing leaks into the house, and so much more. The summertime storms in South Carolina can bring strong winds which will send debris and leaves and branches onto your roof, so you wil want to clear away any trees or branches that are close to your roof. 

Remove Or Trim Branches Near Your Roof

This helps to keep your gutters clear, but more importantly it can save your roof and your house from needing costly repairs or even replacement. During a South Carolina summer storm you may experience a thunderstorm with a strong wind that can throw a tree limb or branch into your roof causing the urgent need for a roof replacement, premature deterioration, and more or additional repairs. Make sure you don’t have any tree branches too close to your roof, or to your house for that matter.  Walk around your house and trim any tree limbs, branches, or foliage that could fall on your home during the high winds of a storm. 

Schedule Needed Repairs Immediately

If you find any broken shingles, cracks, leaks, or signs of repairs needed on your roof, call White House Roofing in Summerville, SC immediately to get the roof repairs or replacement made. If you find damage to your roof and you wait, the situation will only become worse and more expensive as it deteriorates and cases more, larger-scale damage to the roof and the house. Getting the roof repairs done immediately will help your roof withstand the harsh summer storms and weather in South Carolina and will also save you money. Call White House Roofing in Summerville SC today and get your roof professional repaired to ensure a long lasting and protected roof adn home throughout the summer storm season and beyond.

After The Summer Storm Passes…

After the Summertime storm has passed you’ll need to walk around your property to assess the damage, if any. Look for missing or broken shingles, check the rubber membrane to see if that’s intact. Also, you Should have your solar panels, skylights, and any other roof features inspected by a professional to ensure they are intact and working properly. Finally, make sure there is no water collecting on your roof. Any issues or damage you find should be addressed quickly so your roof is ready to withstand the next summer thunder storm that comes by your South Carolina area home.

Call White House Roofing & Construction to schedule your inspection or to get an estimate on roof repairs or roof replacement today. White House Roofing is located in Summerville SC and serves all surrounding areas and towns. Call the experts at White House Roofing today to keep your home, family, and roof protected during South Carolina’s Summertime Storms.

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