Roof Maintenance & Roofing Tips For South Carolina Homeowners This Spring

It’s starting to get warmer and sunny, which means that it’s time to get your roof ready for spring. Winter storms and weather can damage roofing materials and cause issues with other aspects of your home. As winter comes to an end, you need to call certified professional roofers at White House Roofing & Construction in Summerville SC to inspect your roof, clean and repair your roof. Roof Maintenance after the winter months can improve the appearance and the life of your roof. Serving Summerville, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Charleston, and surrounding towns, White House Roofing & Construction knows how to keep your home and roof secure and safe.

The below is a list of steps that are important roof maintenance tips for your South Carolina area home this Spring:

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Safety is most important, so we don’t recommend trying to clean and walk your roof yourself. Get peace of mind by hiring a certified professional roofing company such as White House Roofing & Construction based in Summerville SC to safely inspect your roof and clean any branches and debris. The roofing professionals know exactly what to look for once on the roof, and can clean the roof off and find any damage that needs to be repaired such as broken, missing, or cracked shingles that need to be replaced, flashing around your vents, chimney or skylights that is damaged, and any other roof repair issues.

Clear Pine Needles, Leaves & Debris Off the Roof

Although a few leaves and pine needles aren’t a serious concern, if there are enough of them it can become more destructive. Pine Needles and leaves collect moisture and can form mildew. Leaves and debris can also block your gutters and weigh down your roof. Expert roofers know how to gently clean the roof with required tools and techniques, such as blowers and cleaning brushes, to clean your roof without causing any damage, while also keeping na eye out for additional issues that need repair or maintenance needs to avoid repairs.

Trim or Remove Tree Limbs

If tree branches are touching your roof or getting close to touching your roof then they need to be trimmed or removed before they scrape your shingles, or deteriorate your roof faster than it should. Ensure your roofs longevity and be sure to trim back and remove any limbs before they case issues and/or you need to replace your roof prematurely.

Protect Your Roof Against Moss Damage & Mold

The above steps of removing leaves, debris, and trimming trees will reduce the growth of the moss because you are removing the moisture. If your Charleston, North Charleston, Goose Creek, or Summerville SC roof already has moss, then you will need a professional to either remove the moss chemically and/or install copper strips on the ridgeline. If you notice streaks of discoloration on your roof, you may have mold, algae, or fungus that can also erode your roof and cause damage and leaks. The professionals at White House Roofing & Construction can treat the mold and algae with chlorine bleach or a copper sulfate solution. But, if your roof is seriously damaged or deteriorated then you need to replace your shingles and should ask White house Roofing experts about algae-resistant and stain-resistant shingle options for your South Carolina home.

Check for Damaged and Clogged Gutters

Your gutter system is imprtant to your roofs longevity as well as your homes foundation and security in general. Branches, leaves, pine needles, and debris can get lodged in your gutters preventing water from flowing off your roof. Clogged gutters are also heavy and the weight can cause your home’s gutters to collapse. Have your roofing and gutter professionals check and clean your gutters after the snow melts, or take the time to clean your gutters yourself to ensure they are working optimally and attached secretly to the house.

Professionally Inspect Your Roof With The Experts At White House Roofing & Construction

When you have experts inspect your roof, you know exactly what is going on with your roof, if there is any damage and future issues, and you’ll be able to make any roof repairs before they cause larger issues and you need to replace the roof. Make sure your roof is ready for the spring and summer months in South Carolina. Even if you’ve already gone up on your roof and cleared the gutters yourself, you should still reach out to White House Roofing and Construction for an expert assessment of all aspects of your roof and home, ensuring a secure roof and satisfaction in all your roofing needs in Summerville, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Charleston, and surrounding South Carolina towns. The experts at White House Roofing know how to and where to inspect to find any issues or resolve them quickly before they create damage, issues that homeowners may not notice or know to look for. By fixing these small issues quickly you can prevent extensive and expensive repairs and roof replacement in the long run. Schedule an expert inspection at least once per year, and most importantly before and after the winter months, to ensure the longevity of your roof and security of your South Carolina area home.

Specializing in All Phases of Residential Roofing, Construction and Remodeling for over two decades, White House Roofing & Construction is your answer to all your roofing needs this spring in Summerville, Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston and Charleston areas.

Contact White House Roofing experts to schedule your roofing inspection in Summerville SC Goose Creek SC, Mount Pleasant SC, North Charleston SC, and Charleston SC areas today at 843-509-7785.

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