The Best Time of Year for Roofing Repairs or Replacement

Best Time for Roofing Repairs, White House Roofing & Construction

Regular roof maintenance and periodic replacement are important for maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Your roof protects your dwelling from the elements and keeps your family comfortable and safe. Leaks and poor roof design or construction can cause collateral damage, including improperly-channeled water runoff that erodes the foundation of your home, water ponding on the roof that can cause sagging and leaks, and even paint damage to the exterior walls of your home.

Whether you need minor roof repairs or a complete replacement, the question is, which season is best to make the call to your local roof installation and repair company?

Let’s look at the pros and cons of roof repairs/replacement through the seasons.


Snow, ice, and sleet in the winter months make it difficult or impossible to have roof work done—especially a complete roof replacement. Sealants won’t adhere as effectively during winter, and shingles will take much longer to set. For this reason, most roofers will recommend that you wait until the weather warms up to have roof work done, unless it’s an emergency situation.


While some years may still bring a fair amount of rain during the spring and summer months, overall the weather is typically better during these seasons—and weather is of course a huge consideration when it comes to roof work. Spring and early summer are generally cost-effective times to have your roof repaired or replaced, as it is generally a slower time of year for roofing companies, and materials and labor costs tend to be lower. Business tends to pick up the later into summer it gets, however, and you may have to wait for several weeks or a month to get a roofing contractor out to your home. Also consider that temperatures and humidity levels can soar in late summer, which could significantly limit the amount of time workers can spend each day on the job, adding several days to the project.


The autumn season is ideal to have roof work done. The weather is not oppressively hot or humid, and the torrential rains haven’t yet begun. Roofers can work full days on your roof without the threat of heat exhaustion or freezing, which means they can get the job done much more quickly, limiting the inconvenience to your family. Another benefit of an autumn installation is the impact on the roofing materials. Shingle roofs in particular need time to seal and create an airtight barrier. Heat and humidity in the summer and frigid temperatures in the winter make this process more difficult. Autumn can be thought of as the “Goldilocks” season: Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Having roof work done in the fall also brings peace of mind; no more worrying about whether your roof will make it through another winter season without major problems.

Don’t Put Off Roof Replacement

A common mistake homeowners make is putting off replacing their roof even when it’s long overdue and there are already signs of problems. As we mentioned earlier, a major leak or storm could cause collateral damage to other parts of your home, creating a big financial mess.

Roof replacement is a significant expense, but it’s also a significant investment in your home, adding to your overall property value, helping prevent secondary damage, and providing you with peace of mind. Replacing your roof before an emergency arises allows you the time to research roofing companies and make an informed decision. Planning ahead is always the best choice.

Don’t wait until it’s an emergency to have your roof repaired or replaced. Call White House Roofing & Construction for a free consultation today—we are your expert roofing contractors in Beaufort County, Berkeley County, Charleston County, and Dorchester County in South Carolina.

Don’t wait until it’s an emergency to have your roof repaired or replaced. Call White House Roofing & Construction for a free consultation today!

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