Tips For Hanging Holiday Lights on Your Summerville SC & Charleston SC Area Home

With thanksgiving approaching quickly, that means it’s time to haul those boxes of outdoor holiday lights out into the yard for the season. Here are a few tips on how to hang holiday outdoor lights safely and efficiently on your home in the Summerville, Charleston, Mt. Pleasant:


Before you hang your holiday lights, it’s a good idea to decide exactly where you’ll be putting them. Preparing where to hang the lights will save you time and maybe even money, as you’ll be less likely to buy too many new light strands.

Popular places for hanging festive lights include posts and pillars, around doors and windows, along the roofline, and adorning trees, bushes, and hedges.


Holiday lights can be attached to your gutters or roofing shingles. Check the thickness of your shingles and the design of your gutters before deciding which would offer better support for your lights.

Consider using light clips instead of destructive staples or messy clothespins when you’re ready to hang your lights. Light clips are inexpensive, reusable, simple to use, and easy to remove at the end of the season.


Holiday decorating isn’t an exact science, but measuring any straight lines you’ll be lighting can give you a good idea of how many light strands you’ll need.

For decorating shrubs and trees, experts suggest using one hundred lights for every foot and one-half of a tree or shrub as a good rule of thumb.

Light Nets are another option to consider when decorating shrubs. Woven strands of holiday lights, Light Nets are designed to be draped over hedges, trees, or shrubs.


Before you begin hanging, be sure to inspect every strand of lights you’ll be using. Check for any fraying of the wires, especially near or around plugs. Keep in mind that a single faulty strand of lights can affect or even damage your entire holiday display.

Once you’ve checked to make sure all your lights work, you’ll want to double-check the color of your lights to ensure they are what you want and thought. There are many sizes and types of holiday lights, and part of the fun in creating a display is incorporating these different elements.


Now that you’re ready, it’s time to hang the outdoor lights. Whether your goal is a tasteful, minimalist design or a holiday glow-show that’ll be visible from space, hanging lights safely should be your first priority.

When it comes to hanging lights safely, a helper is always recommended. It’s never a bad idea to have someone handy to steady your ladder, hand you clips, and keep strands of lights from becoming tangled while you hang.

Using light clips, attach your holiday lights to your roof or gutter.


Now that you’ve done all the work, gather the family for the lighting show.

Savvy homeowners in Summerville, Charleston SC, and Mt. Pleasant know that it’s also an excellent opportunity to check the condition of their gutters. While you’re right there hanging your lights, you can check your gutters and clear them if necessary? Doing so can save A TON of wear and tear on your roof over the winter season.

To learn more about gutter and roof maintenance and how to maintain your roof, reach out to Summerville SC’s trusted roofing company, White House Roofing.

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