Helpful Ways To Winterize Your Summerville, SC & Charleston SC Area Home

There are some people that think that just because you live in South Carolina, you don’t get hit with hard winters or need to winterize your home. That isn’t the case, as homeowners in Summerville and Charleston SC know. South Carolina isn’t all that far from the Northeast Corridor and that means that we do get snow, we get ice, and we get sleet and slush. These types of precipitation wreak havoc on your roof and home. Along with winter weather is wind and cold weather. Save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs in the spring with a few simple steps to help protect and winterize your home and roof.

Help prevent damage to your roof during the winter months with the helpful tips below. Call and speak with the roofing experts at White house Roofing and Construction for a free estimate on any of your roofing needs before and after the winter season.

Check Out the General State of Your Roof

You a professional roofer from White House Roofing & Construction to come to your Summerville or Charleston area home and check out the general state of your roof. It could be in perfect shape, or you may need some repairs. Either way, it’s best to catch any repairs needed early, preventing further damage and higher repair costs.

Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

It would be wrong to think that you only need to clean your gutters in the spring and summer. In the fall season you will find leaves, branches, and debris left in your gutters. All that debris will stay in your gutters through the winter season if you don’t inspect before each season.

If debris is left in the gutters through the fall and winter it can block the water from flowing in the cold weather, leading to ice forming. This ice that forms, ice dams, can cause backups and serious plumbing problems, as well as roof and gutter damage.

Cut Any Tree Limbs Over Roof

If you have bushes or trees with limbs hanging over your roof, you need to cut them back immediately. As it gets colder, these branches become dry and brittle and begin to break off. They can easily fall on your roof and damage your roof, any skylights, and even windows. Prevent damage to your house by cutting branches that hang over the house, while simultaneously protecting your family and your Summerville SC and Charleston SC area home.

Identify if You Have Any Unwelcome Pests

As it gets colder out, rodents and wildlife like to crawl into your attic and near your chimney to keep warm. Make sure to check that you don’t have any wildlife, squirrels or birds living on top of or inside your home. If an animal that is staying in your attic or home freezes or dies, it can cause a lot of damage to your roof and to your heating systems. A professional roofer from White House Roofing can look to make sure any roof projections are free from pests and wildlife and can ensure a safe and working home and roof this season.

Don’t Forget to Look Inside

Now is the time to look around inside your home for leaks and water stains as well. Any internal leaks found are usually coming from outside. The White House Roofing & Construction roofing experts can examine your Summerville or Charleston SC area house to see where the source of your leaks are and give you the best options to repair and restore. They can also make any necessary repairs now, before winter is upon us, and plan for long term repairs after the winter season.

Call the Experienced Roofing Professionals at White House Roofing & Construction to Inspect, Repair & Winterize Your Home in Summerville SC & Charleston SC: Call 843-509-7785.

White House Roofing & Construction is available to inspect your roof and other parts of your home to make sure you’re in good shape for winter and can help make a plan for any additional minor or major repairs needed.

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