Five Reason to Repair Your Roof In The Fall

Re-roofing is a task that requires precision, focus and an abundance of time. For those of us living in Massachusetts, the frigid winter months seem unbearable while the summer humidity can be exhausting.

Fall time is ideal for receiving roofing work as the weather is brisk and comfortable.

1. Shingles Seal Much Faster
If you are considering the installation of new shingles, the summer heat can leading to “scarring.” When this occurs, the mat is exposed and the life of the shingles can decrease.

2. Better Time Management
When handling commercial or residential roofing, time can feel wasted due to terrible weather. The summer heat leaves asphalt shingles extremely hot and difficult to work with. Special adhesives may need to be applied if weather is too cold, creating a much longer process.

3. Evaluate Summer Damage
A summer in the Greater Boston area can be unpredictable with scorching heat, windstorms or a month of down-pouring. Once fall rolls around, it’s the perfect time to hire a roofing contractor who can make any roofing assessments and prepare your home for the winter.

4. Eliminate Future Insulation
A professional roofing contractor will make sure to repair a leaky roof before it affects attic insulation. A leaky roof can cause moisture to seep into the attic and cause mold which can be even more problematic. Furthermore, the integrity of the attic will become damaged, leading to a lack of heating in the home. By getting the roof fixed prior to the winter, you could be potentially saving a lot of money.

5. Minor Damages Increase in the Winter
If you’ve noticed a couple holes or leaks in the roof, don’t wait until after the winter to hire a roofing specialist. The intense snow will only magnify an pre-existing issues and again, cost you more in repairs. For those with an already faulty roof, the weight from the snow could cause serious damages the structural integrity of the home.

When you’re in need of 24 hour emergency roof services, contact Residential Exteriors Inc. Our trained roofing specialists can tackle any roofing situation from minor leaks and repairs to solar roof installation.

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